Is a Harley Quinn Film in the Works?


Suicide Squad isn’t in theaters for a few months still, but it appears that Margot Robbie’s version of Harley Quinn may have impressed Warner Bros. enough to consider a spin-off that would center on her and several other female heroes and villains in the DC Universe. Read all about the rumored details below!

It appears that it won’t be a solo film, but instead an ensemble piece featuring other characters like Batgirl, the Birds of Prey, and maybe Poison Ivy and Catwoman. No details are confirmed, but in an era where more female-centric superhero roles are desperately needed, this could be a breakout film. Robbie is said to be a producer on the film, and there a female screenwriter is rumored to have been hired to start work on the script. Robbie has stated how much she loves the characters and is said to be the driving force in bringing this to Warner Bros.

The DC Cinematic Universe has made decent money with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, but many fans have been upset with the dark and gritty tone. Suicide Squad looks to be more fun, and recent reshoots were said to have added more levity to the film. Add in a fan favorite Harley Quinn film in an all female film, and the DC Universe may give audiences more of what they are looking for.




What do you think about a Harley Quinn film? We want to hear from you!


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