Divergent – Movie Review (as a series of bullet points)

I saw Divergent the other day. I have a lot-ish to say about it, but don’t actually want to write a real review. That just seems like more work than the movie deserves. So, I figured I would just post my notes that I made of my thoughts as a series of bullet points rather than writing them out as full sentences and supporting thoughts.

So. Here you go.


It is your basic Post-Apocalyptic Survival Tale as metaphor for Junior High School. Just like The Road.

Not as bad as Twilight (which I haven’t seen), but still not as good as the first Hunger Games (which was just okay).

 I expected it to be much lamer than it ultimately was.

 It felt like one really long first act.

 The 12 hour running time was probably a bit excessive.

 Shailene Woodley was kinda bland and uninspiring.

 Ashley Judd’s face looks like it was beautifully sculpted from recycled plastic.

 C’mon!! Four and Triss grew up in the same neighborhood and their parents worked closely together and they didn’t know each other?

 How old is Four and should he really be hanging out with Triss who looks like she is 15?

Kate Winslett getting her comeuppance was strangely satisfying.

 Didn’t quite understand the practical contributions of the different factions to the smooth running of civilization.

 Seriously, no Faction for Textile Based Manufacturing or Construction or Sanitation Services?

 It is quite clear that I am not the demographic for this movie.

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