PS Plus and Games for Gold April 2016


Oh the Playstation gods have bestowed upon us mere mortals a new batch of free games for the month of April! No April Fool’s here, just pure, free gaming fun. Sony gives players two free games for all of their current hardware. The PS4 offerings are Dead Star and Zombi. Dead Star is a top down shoot-‘em-up, with lots of multiplayer and team-based combat. The purpose is to overtake different enemy outposts. Zombi is a first person survival horror game that originally launched with the Wii U. The PS4 version features a different gameplay style, along with upgraded visuals. We at SLC Nerd will be playing this game soon and posting a review. So standby for that big bunch of zombie goodness!

Along with the aforementioned PS4 releases are a couple games each for the PS3 and PS Vita. I Am Alive and Savage Moon have been released for the PS3; while the PS Vita is offering Shutshimi and A Virus Named Tom for free this month. For those of you who don’t subscribe to PS Plus, Sony releases free games every month as well as a ton more games at large discounts. Subscribers are also able to play PS4-specific games in online multiplayer.


Microsoft has a similar program for Xbox called Games for Gold. These promotions are offered to anyone with a Gold membership. For Xbox One, Microsoft is offering The Wolf Among Us for the entire month and Sunset Overdrive will be offered from 4/16 – 05/15. The Wolf Among Us was heralded as an amazing game by IGN giving the game a 9/10 score. It’s a fantasy adventure game based on the walking dead series. Sunset Overdrive was also a well-received game earning a 9/10 from IGN. This game is a third person adventure with over-the-top action-oriented gameplay. The developer, Insomniac Games, is historically a Playstation developer but made one heck of a game for the Xbox. Let the craziness begin!

Xbox 360 is also offering Dead Space and Saint’s Row IV for free this month. Both can be played through backwards compatibility on the Xbox One and are also downloadable on the Xbox 360 itself. Dead Space was a huge hit in the survival horror genre and Saint’s Row is a tongue-and-cheek satire spinoff of the super popular Grand Theft Auto games.

Ah yes, it’s a great time to be a gamer. There are so many discounts to be had, so get out there and save (or destroy) the world!

-Nick Sharp


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