Top 20 things I learned from Superheroes


I have loved Superheroes all my life, and spent countless hours reading their comics, watching their cartoons, and now I gladly watch them on the big screen. To say they are a big part of my life is an understatement, but just how big a part have they played in making me the person I am today? Well lets find out as we look at the Top 20 important life lessons that Superheroes have taught me…

#20) Professor X: If I ever start a superhero crime fighting team, I am so naming everything after myself! The Troy-men, The Troy-Mansion, The Troy-Jet. That’s just good brand marketing people.


#19) Michelangelo: “Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for a late pizza” True words…


#18) Hulk: Sometimes it’s better to just walk away than to stay and make someone angry. And always buy stretchy pants with elastic waists, just in case.


#17) Wolverine: Keep going forward, no matter the odds, never stop, never give up. Of course it helps if you are constantly healing and are never in any real danger, but the lesson still works.


#16) Punisher: The ends never justify the means.


#15) Dr. Manhattan: Always wear pants. Dude, seriously, no one wants to see that. Think of the children.


#14) Black Bolt: Silence is Golden


#13) Daredevil: Take what everyone else sees as your greatest weakness, and make it your greatest strength. Get it “sees” I’m here all week, be sure and tip your waiters.


#12) Captain America: Sometimes old fashioned values are exactly what we need in today’s world.


#11) Bucky Barnes: It’s never too late to find redemption. No matter how dark your path is, look around, there is always someone shining a light to guide you back home.


#10) Batman: Same as #20, but now with a cape. Capes make everything cooler.


#9)  Batman: Always have the best toys!


#8) Hawkeye: You don’t need superpowers, when you have the heart of a true hero, but you do need some trick arrows. You aren’t stopping Dr. Doom with heart alone, he’s Dr. Doom for crying out loud!


#7) Thor: It is really hard to be humble when you have long hair and a cape. Let me tell you, a breeze kicks in and everything you do looks so epic!


#6) Nightwing: There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to step out of the shadow of being someone’s sidekick, and become the hero of your own life.


#5) Black Widow: Girls kick ASS! Seriously she takes out just as many villains as the other Avengers, all while not having any superpowers, having to wear a ridiculous outfit that offers no real protection, AND high heels. Let’s see Hawkeye do that!


#4) Iron Man: Money cant buy happiness, but it can buy a sweet flying suit of armor, and that’s close enough to happiness for me.


#3) Superman: Just because you can’t save everyone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.


#2) Thor: Be worthy, in every thought, in every action, be worthy.


#1) Spider-Man: With great powers comes great responsibility.



There you have it, the Top 20 things I have learned from Superheroes. What are some things you have learned? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading!

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