“The Order” – a reunion project


Ladies and Gentlemen,

How are we today? Good? Hopefully so. I bring you interesting news from the Power Ranger fandom, it looks like we are getting a reunion of sorts… I need to really emphasize the “of sorts” parts here, because at a best we have a SyFy special and at worst we have a pipe-dream. “The Order” appears to be the brain child of Karan Ashley (MMPR Yellow Ranger) and David Fielding (Zordon). For those of you not in the know, the cast members of the Power Ranger series ( 20+ seasons worth) are quite popular on the convention circuit and there has been an out cry for a reunion series with the actors from across the seasons. Most recently when the climax of “Super Megaforce” turned out to be such a letdown.

But enough history, let’s talk about the project. “The Order” seems to be a pseudo action flick based around a mysterious mercenary organization that has been betrayed or overrun, not entirely sure which. The trailer is full of action and very little dialogue, all backed up by effects. I’ll probably back it, if the wife gives me the go ahead, but I’ll neither recommend not advise against it, the choice is completely up to you. They are looking to raise $250,000 within the next 3 months, and have already pulled in a little under $10k in the first 15 hours. I’ve embedded the link below, and you can check out the trailer there.





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