Doom Single Player Campaign Review


From the opening moments of Doom, we are immersed in a nonstop action thrill ride. It’s been over a decade since we last received a proper Doom game. This new version isn’t part of the original canon. It’s sort of a reboot of the series. Doom 3 was criticized heavily as being too slow with a focus on survival-horror gameplay. Doom 2016 melee-kicks that criticism right in the face.

Doom 4 was actually going to be a “thing” once upon a time, however id Software decided to scrap the whole idea because it was too similar to modern shooters such as the Call of Duty series. The company wanted to make a version of Doom that resembled the classic, frantic gameplay of the original two games with a modern coat of paint. What resulted was one hell of a single player campaign.

The opening moments of the game show Doom Guy waking up on a stone slab and immediately smashing a possessed UAC employee’s head into the side of said slab. You immediately pick up a laser pistol and jump right into the action. It’s testosterone-driven mayhem! Throughout the entire game, Doom Guy literally runs around killing demons as if they’d woken him up from a mid-afternoon nap. Doom Guy is angry, and I love it!

The gameplay is very fast… like…. super, ultra, mega fast. You are able to move and strafe with ease and the movement is very fluid. The fact that it runs so smoothly on consoles with amazing graphics (albeit with dynamic resolutions) is nothing short of a technical marvel. But, this is what id Software does. Ever since they created the first Doom, they’ve set the bar for what computer gaming should be capable of doing.

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Aside from smooth movement, the old-school weapon wheel is back. I loved being able to carry every weapon instead of two at any given time. The gameplay is definitely classic Doom. There are touches of modern shooters in the mix as well. There are different suit and weapon upgrades that are strewn about the levels. Weapons also have different mods. These are secondary fire modes that are a blast (pun intended) to use. It brings a different dynamic into how each weapon is fired adding depth to the gunplay. My personal favorite weapon is the chainsaw.

This brings me to the glory kills. These are awesome animations of Doom Guy ripping apart demons in a melee-style finishing move. This will always yield much-needed health packs. Using the chainsaw will always yield ammunition drops. These are a constant tradeoff because it requires getting up close and personal with enemies when you have low health and ammo. It’s an interesting and fun dynamic.

The graphics of Doom are amazing! There is some texture fade-in here and there once a level loads but nothing too game-breaking or noticeable. The demons and animations look incredible. I never get tired of the glory kill animations especially with the chainsaw. There’s something about tearing a Mancubus’s eye out and stuffing it down its own throat that brings a smile to my face. The Mars base looks typical of any corridor-based shooter. It’s the times when you get to visit the levels in Hell that really bring the best eye candy. The particle effects and gothic environments looks simply stunning.

Aside from the multiplayer, which will be reviewed in a later article, is Snapmap. This is a super easy-to-use map editor. It’s all community-based. There are already some amazing user-created maps that are available to download and use for free within the Doom community.

Overall the game is 80% old school shooter with 20% modern additions. Although, not all is perfect with the game, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it and will be going back to visit the shores of Hell on the Nightmare difficulty. The single player portion of Doom gets a 9 out of 10.


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