O Captain! My Captain!

star trek

So normally I am not one to post on rumors, but I just couldn’t pass up on this one! The newest rumor sweeping through the Geek community is that Nathan Fillion will don the mantle of Captain of the USS Enterprise for the new Star Trek series on CBS All Access that will debut in the fall. Again remember this is rumor only, but lets take a look at some of the reasons this might be true, because for a few minutes lets sit back and bask in the glory that would be if Nathan Fillion were to be sitting here!


Point #1: This is the 50th anniversary for the original Star Trek series, and while this series was once the standard bearer for science fiction fans, it has been greatly overshadowed of late by Star Wars, and there isn’t anyone that you can name as the new captain that will give bigger buzz than Nathan Fillion.

Point #2: This series will not be on CBS, only the pilot episode. After that it will switch to CBS All Access, with is a monthly pay streaming site (like Netflix). CBS plans to entice you with a free sample before making you pay, and for those of you thinking you will pay once, binge watch and then cancel, think again, as CBS will release one new episode every week. This is a HUGE gamble as the last few Star Trek series have struggled to find an audience when it was free, and without a big name star who fans trust as the series lead, you better have the best pilot ever filmed or people wont jump over and pay for yet another site when they are already paying for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc…

Point¬†#3: It’s Nathan Fillion! If you name Nathan as Captain of the Enterprise who is going to complain? This wont be a “Batfleck” situation, the fans will be overjoyed. Forget protests, fans will throw a parade! The only letter writing campaign that will happen are thank you notes.

Sadly I must reiterate this is rumor only,¬†but a fan can dream…



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