Spider-Man Homecoming Spoilers (Plot Leak)

marvel spiderman homecoming logo

Thanks to the shady corners of the internet that we call 4chan and Reddit, there have been some leaks relating to the story of the upcoming Spider-man film subtitled “Homecoming.” Spider-man isn’t the first film to have major leaks and while typical corporate leaks can range from casting choices to prototype footage, a la Deadpool, it’s not very often that the entirety of  a movies’ plot is leaked on purpose. Spoilers after the jump

The leaks may not be real and if they are, there exists the chance that this is an early draft and there may be changes between then and the final product. We’re going to go over the main plot points presented here assuming this is the final version. I point this out because since the leak came out there have been reports of the Kingpin from the Netflix Daredevil series making an appearance, but in this version there isn’t mention of him. Assuming the leaks are accurate, spoilers ahead.

spiderman iron man comic book

Peter Parker and the multiple lives.

This version presents Peter Parker as we best know him; juggling school, his personal life, working as a photographer, and trying to keep to his responsibilities as Spider-man. Keeping to the Homecoming subtitle, we see Parker trying to remain his appearance as a weak nerd, but also wanting to step up and ask out his high school crush Liz Allen. However, this tends to fail as he keeps fighting Flash Thompson and disappearing whenever Spider-man is needed. On top of those problems, Parker is working as a freelance photographer taking photos of his Spider-man escapades to help provide money since the death of Uncle Ben has left his hot Aunt May with the bulk of the bills.

marvel spiderman civil war

Oscorp and The Marvel Universe.

Norman Osborn is brought in to be the villain that seems to be pulling the strings, but the film primarily focuses on Adrian Toomes, best known as The Vulture. Oscorp is shown to be a technology start up created from the fallout of Shield as Osborn used his wealth to hire the disbanded scientists, and has since said to become a rival of Stark’s business. This is a great way to tie the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to this world and make it feel like a natural extension. The Accords that launched the events of Civil War are even brought up as a reason as to why Tony Stark can’t help out Peter with his Vulture dilemma.


The Humanity of The Sinister Six.

While Osborn is shown to be the big baddy, a la Thanos, there are clear set-ups here for The Sinister Six. The Vulture is the chosen villain here with mentions of Otto Octavius and several others, but it seems like just in the comics, most of these villains will be partly created by Spider-man and victims of misfortune, creating a natural reason for the Six to join up. Toomes is shown to be a scientist trying to create a flight suit similar to that of The Falcon’s and Stark’s Iron Man suits, but due to the lack of the Arc Reactor the prototype sucks life from the user’s vitals. Osborn wants to push to human trials and does so against Toomes’ wishes and blames it on him. Toomes in an attempt to stop further experimentation tries to destroy the suit, but has to use it to escape after being caught by security. Toomes continues to use the suit, but feels the effects and begins to rapidly age and has to develop talons that use the life force from other beings and begins to kill rats to stay alive before progressing to humans after a battle with Spider-man leaves the flight suit damaged. Throughout the film, Toomes’ relationship with his high school daughter is damaged as she seems him go from framed criminal to monster.

Spiderman Kingpin comic book

The Humor of Spider-man and Emotions of Peter Parker

Spider-man Homecoming features the comic stylings of Spider-man as he uses his Spider Signal to threaten criminals that he “summon the spiders” and uses his masked persona to help teens patch up their relationships. Peter Parker on the other hand doesn’t have it as easy as he struggles to help his Aunt May keep their finances afloat, struggles with his grades, and seems to fail at having a normal teen life with the girls. It’s great to see him catch a break as he gets help from Tony and even gets to show his technological ingenuity to his Avenger mentor.


The Future of the Franchise.

As I previously mentioned, Homecoming sets up a lot for the franchise from hinting about The Sinister Six, the inevitable Green Goblin, the relationship with Mary Jane and sowing the seeds for more Avengers adventures. On top of all that, the leak even teases an after credits scene of Osborn rewatching the spider bite incident insinuating that he knows all along the true identity of Spider-man. Adding to all flames caused by the leaks and rumors, there is always the possibility of the already established Kingpin to play a part in the film franchise. Spider-man also serves as the perfect connection to connect the Netflix shows to the movies as Spider-man has always walked a fine line between New York street hero and A-list Avenger champion.


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