A New Finding Dory Trailer has Washed Ashore

finding-doryIn just a few weeks, Finding Dory will be hitting theaters nationwide. It’s the sequel to the Pixar hit film Finding Nemo from 13 years ago. The film features Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) setting out to find her family. The new trailer shows that she lost them as a child and most of the film looks to take place in a marine institute that Dory is taken to after she gets caught in a plastic soda pop can holder. At the institute she meets a variety of new underwater friends that all come together to help her out. I don’t know that Finding Nemo needed a sequel, but the length of time between films suggests that Pixar waited until they had the right story to tell, and it’s not just a cash grab.

Watch the new Finding Dory trailer after the jump.

It still isn’t grabbing me, but it looks like a bright and colorful film with some astounding visuals. Hopefully there is also some of the deep and emotional depth the first film contained. Pixar rarely disappoints, so here’s hoping! What do you think? Are you excited to get back in the ocean with Pixar and Dory?F


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