They did WHAT to Cap???


Ok first off let me just get this out of the way

SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Read at your own risk


See how easy that is to put that warning right up front? I say that because unlike Time, the AP, or Entertainment tonight I’m not going to spoil it for you without a heads up, but if you haven’t seen it yet get off the internet right now and go read “Steve Rogers: Captain America #1” then come back… Ready??? Here we go.

So after 75 years of being the Star Spangled Man, it turns out Steve Rogers has been keeping a massive secret, and with two words he sent a shock wave through the comic book world… Hail Hydra.


Yep it seems ol’ Stevie has been working as a double agent all these years, joining up with Hydra when he was a child, well before taking the secret soldier serum. All of those battles with the Red Skull? Fake. All those speeches about truth, justice, and liberty? Lies all of them. Rodgers has been playing the longest slowest con in history and why??? Who knows, outside of the real reason (to get publicity and sell more comic books) the in-universe reason for Cap to have kept his allegiance to Hydra while thwarting there plans over and over again has yet to be reveled, and I’m sure will be teased out over the next year or so. I am not a big fan of the reveal but I understand why they are doing it, so follow along as I explore the reasons behind the biggest turncoat in American history.

Reason #1:This year marks the 75th anniversary of Captain America comics, and while Captain America: Civil War is currently killing it at the box office (already over 1 billion in ticket sales)  the Captain America comics needed a gimmick to draw some attention there way, and this certainly achieved that goal.

Reason #2: 75 years is along time to try and keep a one dimensional character like Captain America fresh. I know what I said, and I realize this might get some tomatoes thrown my way, but Cap is the epitome of “Right” in the Marvel Universe. Wherever he stood was just and whatever cause he fought for was the right path. Without a single doubt in his mind Cap always knew what was right. After all how can you make a man who all but wears the flag anything but perfect? Cap has been stale, they have killed him, depowered him, aged him… What was left but to do the unthinkable, make him the villain. Now Cap is interesting at least, and while once again I have no idea why he waited so long before actually doing something to help Hydra, I am curious about where Marvel goes with this.

Reason #3: And this is the MOST important reason, its only temporary. I understand Marvel is saying this isn’t a gimmick, that this is the real Captain America, and he is not a clone, a Skrull, a robot, or being brainwashed, but I am just not buying it. These are the same people saying the same lines from a few years ago when we were told “Peter Parker is dead, and Otto Octavius is the Superior Spiderman” that didn’t last long before Peter Parker was web swinging through New York, and it wont be long until Captain America is once again carrying the red, white, and blue into battle against Hydra and the Red Skull,

Deep breath… Your Captain hasn’t been ruined, he will be back in no time, and while we wait, lets go get issue #2 and see how deep this rabbit hole is. Sound off below and let me know what you think.





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