Salt Lake Gaming Con 2016 – One Cippy’s Thoughts

The heart of Salt Lake Gaming Con is playing games. Sure there are vendors, panels, and cosplay abounding, but when we talk about why you should even go to Salt Lake Gaming Con… it’s all about playing games.

And that isn’t a bad thing at all! Since being a geek became the cool thing to do, we’ve become quickly saturated with a many a geek-centric convention here in Utah. GamingCon stands out as a convention with many things to do. And those things to do are typically included with the price of admission.

This past event we saw Microsoft and Sony demoing their latest and greatest, including some Virtual Reality demos (I got to pet a whale! I tried to punch it but… Virtual Reality Green Peace was on me quick…). Utah Games Guild brought a ton of awesome indie games for us to try (I’m especially impressed with Crashnauts, check them out here:


And then you could play your favorite genre of game in real-time! Are you a fan of the first-person shooter? Head over to the mobile dart arena! Enjoy some epic quests like Dark Souls? Get your trash kicked by LARPers from Belegarth! Maybe survival horror is more your speed… well guess what? There was a haunted house on site!

Now what about the standard convention fare? How did SLGC do this year? To be honest, things felt a little sloppy. Tournament times, panel schedules, and other events didn’t have specific times until the Thursday of the event. Which, for avid Con goers, probably made the planning a little bit rough.

However, home skillet, I need to go back to what I said at the beginning. The heart of Salt Lake Gaming Con is playing games. There was ample space for tabletop, card game, PC and console players to play games. I think SLGC understands that their target demographic wants to play games. Or talk about games. Or learn how games are made. Or share “Play of the Game” Overwatch memes. Or… other game thing (I’m an awesome writer).


With Salt Lake Comic Con buying a 50% stake in SLGC, I think we’re going to see BIG changes next year. We’ll probably see more guests (both on the entertainment and technical side of gaming), more high-profile panels, better spectator seating for tournaments, and a dance party. There was a definite lack of partying this year… I miss that from last year…

All-in-all, I really enjoyed my experience. But I really enjoy playing games. And if that’s what you enjoy, then SLGC is right up your alley.

If I have one complaint it is this… PLEASE! For the love of Katamari Damacy… get some better MCs/Commentators for tournaments and contests! PLEASE! Get some guys who can build the hype, crack some funny jokes, and look dashingly handsome… I might know a guy… cough…

Now watch this highlight video. It’s da bob-omb.


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