Bryan Cranstons returns to Power Rangers



We’ve got big news! And you know must it be related to Power Rangers as it’s really the only reason I get behind a keyboard these days.

Let’s break it down, shall we? At about 4:15 MST Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” fame tweeted that he is excited to play Zordon, everyone’s favorite head floating in a tube and representation of all that is good in the universe.


For me that’s kind of a dream come true, loved him in “Breaking Bad” thought he was hilarious in “Malcolm in the Middle” and died when he showed the world his true side at his Super Sweet 60th birthday party…

The other plus side to this, is that this is actually a return to the series for Cranston having by his own admission been a suit actor in the early seasons. Check out his imdb here:



What are your thoughts on this? Kind of a big get for Israel if you ask me. Check back tomorrow for more Power Ranger information, as rumor as it a trailer drop is coming soon!


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