New Information on the Justice League


Last week, Warner Brothers flew several prominent bloggers to London to talk about Justice League that is currently filming. These were critics that had issues with Batman v. Superman, but were deemed fair in their criticism, and influential of course. Before we get to the information they learned, here is the official synopsis of Justice League:

“Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman, and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes — Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash — it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.”

Here are some of the details the bloggers are reporting. Spoilers below:

The film is set to open with a “History Lesson” where we learn that the old Gods (including Zeus) discover three Mother Boxes that have come to Earth from Apokolips. These are super powerful living computers with undefined, but vast powers and abilities. They created Cyborg in BvS, can open Boom Tubes that can transport you across the universe, telepathy, and more. The Gods decide to split the 3 boxes up among the humans, Amazonians, and the Atlanteans. The main villain appears to be Steppenwolf, and his army of Parademons (the flying creatures we saw in the nightmare sequence in BvS) are looking for the boxes and it’s up to Batman with the help of Diana (Wonder Woman) to gather together the meta-humans, form the Justice League, and save the Earth.

The Bloggers got to watch a scene where Commissioner Gordon has lit the Bat Signal and Batman steps out of the shadows with Wonder Woman and the Flash. Gordon asks how many of them are there, and Batman replies “Not enough.” Batman tells Gordon that 8 major scientists have gone missing and he needs help to track them down. Cyborg then enters the scene to say that his father (the creator of STAR Labs) has also been taken, which brings the count to nine. It appears Cyborg as reluctant to join before, but now he is on board. Wonder Woman smiles – that’s right – Zach Snyder let a DC Character smile! The team realizes that the scientists have been taken to a place under Striker’s Island, and the Flash says that with Cyborg here, they won’t all fit in the car. Batman says he has something bigger.

That bigger vehicle is called the Flying Fox and is large enough to carry the Justice League, as well as the Batmobile. Speaking of which, the Batmobile has been repaired after Superman trashed it, and Batman also has a spider-like machine called the Knight Crawler that can go off-roading. One piece of concept art had Batman using the Knight Crawlers flame thrower to kill a Parademon.

The Flash’s costume is brighter than the others, but is still a dark red. It’s made of 148 separate pieces. The Flash logo is gold, along with his belt and pieces at the elbow, shoes, and ears. It is covered in wires that Snyder explained harnesses the electricity the Flash creates. This is a prototype suit created by the Flash, and while not confirmed, it seems likely that Bruce Wayne will create a new suit for him before the film ends.

Producer Deborah Snyder told the bloggers that the creative team heard the criticisms of Batman v. Superman being too dark, and that this film definitely has more humor than the previous film. She told them “I think the main thing we learned is that people don’t like to see their heroes deconstructed. [Laughs.] I think that’s hard because it’s people we’ve grown up with and that we care about. They like seeing them in all their glory. Yeah.” Zach Snyder then screened a scene from early in the film where Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen. The following is from
————————————————————————–“The scene follows Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, entering an abandoned brick building with lots of colorful graffiti which he has co-opted for his home. He turns on the power and his apartment lights up with tons of computer monitors all over the place. The light reveals Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne sitting in a chair.

“Barry Allen, Bruce Wayne.”

“You said that like it explains why there’s a total stranger in my place sitting in my second favorite chair,” quips Allen.

“Tell me about this…” Wayne presents Allen a printout showing the security footage of Allen which was retrieved from Lex Luthor’s hard drive in Batman v Superman. Allen looks at the paper incredulously.

“This is… uhh… a person who looks exactly like me but is definitely not me. Somebody, hippy, long hair. Very attractive Jewish boy… who drinks milk. I don’t drink milk.”

Wayne is not amused. “I know you have abilities, I just don’t know what they are…”

Allen quips, “My special skills include viola, web design, fluent in sign language, gorilla sign language…”

Wayne has stopped listening and is admiring Allen’s prototype Flash costume which is in the middle of the room.

Looking closer at the Flash suit, Wayne notices its made of “silicon base and quartz fabric, heat resistant.”

Allen tries to explain what the superhero costume is for: “Yeah, I also do ice dancing.”

“They use it on the space shuttle to keep it from burning up on reentry,” comments Wayne.

Barry responds that the suit is for “very competitive ice dancing.” Barry turns and continues, “Look man, I don’t know who you are but whoever you’re looking for is not me.”

While Barry is turned, Bruce Wayne takes the opening to chuck a Batarang at the young superhero. Almost instantly time slows down and we are engulfed into Barry Allen’s world of slow-motion as he dodges the incoming weapon and notices that it’s a metal throwing star in the form of the Batman logo. He reaches out and grabs it, catching it.

We transition into real time as Barry looks at Bruce, “You’re the Batman?

Bruce now understands, “So you’re fast?”

Barry remarks, “That feels like an over simplification.”

Bruce is not amused, so he gets to the point: “I’m putting together a team, people with special abilities. You see, I believe enemies are coming…”

Allen interrupts him, “Stop right there, I’m in!”

Wayne surprised, “Just like that?”

“Yeah,” responds Allen, taking a few seconds to admit, “I need friends.”

“Great,” says Wayne relieved.

Barry still looking at the Batarang, “Can I keep this?”

Superman wasn’t seen by the bloggers, but Snyder did confirm he will be back, but didn’t give any details except teasing his hair may be longer. A nice nod to “The Reign of the Supermen” comic.

Cyborg’s body will be completely done in CGI, as will Steppenwolf. The actor playing Steppenwolf has not been cast yet, but they are close to making an announcement.

We also learn that Willem Dafoe is playing Vulko, described as an elder statesman in Aquaman’s home of Atlantis.

The film visit was obviously carefully planned and executed, but the majority of the visitors left the set with renewed interest in the DC Cinematic Universe, and that this film will be more heroic, more fun, more upbeat, and more of what audiences were calling out for after Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman. We will find out next November. Fingers crossed.


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