Roland and Jake Meet in New York – More Dark Tower Set Photos


As shooting continues on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, it seems to be more and more likely that this film is set AFTER the books take place. Spoilers about the books and how it affects the film are ahead, so tread carefully.

In the final chapter of The Dark Tower, we learn that this isn’t the first time that Roland Deschain has reached The Tower. In fact, he’s caught in a time loop where he begins in the desert chasing the Man in Black, and after many struggles he reaches the Tower, only to be found unworthy, and starts the cycle over again. King gives the readers a bit of hope, where this time Roland still carries the Horn of Eld that was lost at Jericho Hill. It’s a sign that maybe this time, he is closer than ever to concluding his test.

It’s been rumored for a while that the film will be this later Roland, and will allow the filmmakers to stay true to the themes of the books without having to adapt the books completely. It’s a fascinating theory, and I think it may be the only way these stories can be transferred to film.

So how do these photos support this theory? On the set, the team was calling this the “First Meeting” between Jake and Roland and it’s taking place in New York City, and not at the Way Station in the desert like the novels. This may just be a term used by the crew, but witnesses didn’t feel like it was. Plus, the taxis in Jake’s New York are a unique shade of blue instead of yellow. I wonder if they are Takuro Spirits?

I’m extremely interested in this film and can’t wait to see official photos and a trailer! Anyone else out there Dark Tower fanatics?


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