Superheroes Gather for Marathon Roller Coaster Ride for Sick Children


Yesterday, I was honored to join Kid’s Heroes as they went to the Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah in order to ride the wooden roller coaster in a marathon event to raise funds for sick children and their families. Kid’s heroes is a group of volunteers that provide inspiration and happiness when they dress up as superheroes and meet with kids and families facing illness or other difficulties in life. They are a non-profit charitable organization 501(c)3. They help against bullying, child abuse, and inspire and educate children. They visit children in hospitals, attend charity events, and the latest mission was to raise $5,000 for local children and their families facing hospital bills.

Twenty four volunteers dressed as superheroes met at Lagoon at 6:00 in the morning, and rode the wooden roller coaster six times – the equivalent length of a 5K, to celebrate Lagoon’s 130th birthday, and to raise funds for the families. We had a variety of heroes ranging from Iron Man, Batman, Antman, Thor, Frozone, Rey, and Robin to name a few. Casey Scott from KUTV joined us, and you can watch all the clips here. We had some fun before the coaster marathon began with our superheroes trying their hands at the milk bottle toss where Hawkeye definitely lived up to his name. Casey even took a loop around the track with us live on the air. After the coaster marathon concluded, most of the superheroes stayed and posed for photos with guests coming to the park for the  day.

Kid’s Heroes has raised half of their $5,000 goal, and we here at SLC Nerd want to help them reach their goal of helping these kids and families! Please make a donation – even $5 is amazing. 100% of all funds raised go directly to the families, and you can use the donation against your taxes. Please consider donating and being the hero these kids need right now. Please also share this story and spread the word.

Greg Anderson from Good Deed Revolution also came out to interview the superheroes and is editing together a more in-depth video that we will share as soon as it’s complete.

The Deseret News also did a small write up and has photos from the event here.

Donate to Kid’s Heroes here



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