Four Funny Musical Females That Swear

In an attempt to shake up the Utah status quo, I thought a list of hilarious women that sing and also swear would be perfect. Additionally, this fits in well with my new decision to make my writing efforts as work free and thoughtless as possible. Similar to how I approach my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I therefore now present to you 4 music videos by 4 funny females that are also a bit profane – more so in some cases than others, especially by Utah standards (grow up Utah).

So, anyway, let’s do this thing:

Sarah Donner is like the perfect human. Smart, talented, funny, plays Uke, voice that goes on for miles, likes puppets. Here is a song she did with the website The Oatmeal. And it is awesome, even though you will want to listen to it with headphones if you are in the office. And you will probably want to be sure only trusted associates are able to look over your shoulder while it is playing, just to cut down on the need to explain what is going on in the video.


I have been following Rachel Bloom for a couple of years. Well, at least since she released this video. And only figuratively. I mean, I am not literally following her. I don’t even know where she lives exactly. Somewhere in L.A. I suspect. I mean, not literally suspect. More like assume. Anyway, she has released several more since this one and even though they are all well done and funny, this one is a classic and approaches the level of being a minor masterpiece.


Isabel Fay is British. Well, British and adorable. Wait, is that redundant? Is it possible to be British and not adorable? I mean look at John Cleese, he is exactly as adorable as he is British. The more he lives in the US, though, the less adorable he is. Regardless, this video is just lovely and adorable. And so is Ms. Fay.


It isn’t a real list of funny musical ladies that swear if it doesn’t include Garfunkel & Oates. Though their output has lessened quite a lot lately, I figure fame does that to you. It makes you spend too much time getting paid to do other things than the thing you originally did to get noticed. Thankfully, I will never have to deal with that.


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