Ben’s Top Things He Wants to Remake (in no particular order)


I wanna remake Blood Sport as a dance movie in which dancers of different styles compete. To the death. Jean Claude would cameo, natch.

I wanna remake Alien, except on a big luxury tour bus going through Death Valley rigged with a bomb so it can’t go slower than 60 mph.

I wanna remake Gravity, except on a big luxury tour bus going through Death Valley rigged with a bomb so it can’t go slower than 60 mph.

I wanna make a movie about a guy who gives all his candy away at the start of a parade and is embarrassed about it for the next 10 blocks.

I wanna re-envision the Hunger Games as a tense thriller about the merciless, bloody, violent world that is Disney/Nickelodeon Tween Stardom

I wanna do a scene for scene remake of M*A*S*H* – the Movie, except with all talking animals. #InAPerfectWorld

I wanna do a Harold & Maude sitcom. At the end of every episode Harold would learn a valuable life lesson and then Maude would die.

I wanna do a live action The Goofy Movie, with Sean Penn and Justin Bieber as a mentally disabled father and his spoiled son. #OscarBait

I wanna remake Animal House, but do it in the style of Koyaanisquatsi, with a full on Philip Glass score.

I want to do a big Broadway Musical adaptation of A Simple Plan. #TonysHereICome

Movie idea: Rapturenado. A series of divine tornadoes strike – carrying the righteous away, leaving behind only destruction and sinners.

I wanna make a movie called Shark-Shark, about a regular nebbishy shark just going about his day when he’s attacked by a gang of humans.

#Sharkhood – a tender coming of age story that follows twelve years in the life of a growing and sensitive young Great White.

I wanna make Twilight Zone: The Movie: The Musical. Get ready for some Pyro!! (Hopefully, there will be less cast casualties.)

Of Mice And Men in Space: “Ok, George, hyperdrive is on. Are we really goin’ to Pluto?” “Yes, Lennie, shut up and pass me those Mars beans.”

#SuperTeamUp – Jean Valjean & Sweeney Todd fight Judge Turpin & Javert who are crusading to clean the streets of Oliver and his orphan gang.

“The People vs Into the Woods”. We finally determine who is to blame. Musically. My money is on Jack. Or maybe the Witch. Audience is jury.

I wanna do a mashup of #JesusChristSuperstar and #Company. Christ hangs with his apostles and sings while deciding to be the messiah or not.

#TheRatRace – Liam Neeson has to get through the ball pit, arcade, salad buffet, pizza kitchen, and kill the bad guys while saving the kids.

When is “Atlas Shrugged” public domain? I wanna write “Atlas Shrugged and Zombies”. It’s just “Atlas Shrugged” with a newish title.


  1. Hahaha πŸ’·πŸ’°πŸ’ΆπŸ’°πŸ’΄πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’° Oh Ben, why can’t I have unlimited amounts of dough? I would for sure fund some of these projects.

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