For those of you reading this from the Future, you should know that it is a heavy snow day here and morale is low. But there’s a bright day on the horizon: Disneyland will be opening Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on May 31st (August in Orlando, Florida). What the hell is this, you ask? It’s the new Theme Park Attraction that puts you right in the middle of the Star Wars Universe. And you’d best believe this old Scruffy-looking something or other is pretty excited about it.

I was in California over the Christmas Holiday and was able to catch a peak at the Construction that should be in it’s final weeks now. Mountain tops were all I was able to see, but knowing the fully constructed Millennium Falcon is right there is a joy that goes back to every age I’ve ever been. And the list of activities and Attractions adds to the weight of excitement.

The Rise Of The Resistance is said to be one of the most ambition rides of all time. It puts you in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the evil First Order where there will be dangers at every corner, explosions galore, life-size AT-AT’s ready to stomp on you and you might even have a face to face moment with Ben Solo himself, Kylo Ren. They say it will throw you right into the movies. Pick your side and see how it affects your experience.


Ever want to build your own Droid? Here’s your chance. At the Droid Depot, you can pick your parts, pick your Droid’s personality-type and put it together yourself. The Droid will be able to interact with certain elements in the Park. I’m doing this. Or maybe you’d like to construct a Lightsaber of your own. You can do this, as well. Pick your Kyber Crystal, gather your parts and assemble! There will be four disciplines to choose from and all of your choices will affect your experience at Galaxy’s Edge. I hope you brought enough money with you.

There will be a Market where you can buy Souvenirs from animatronic Merchants ready to do business and I’ve heard you can even haggle with these Characters. Want some Blue Milk? A Cantina at the location will make this possible. There will also be food and Entertainment from all sectors of the Galaxy. They will be breaking a long time Disney tradition by selling Alcohol in the Cantina, as well. Bring your ID and be responsible. Nobody crashes the Millennium Falcon.


The other great Attraction is the Millennium Falcon ride that will put you right in the cockpit of the fasted hunk of junk in the Galaxy. You can Pilot, Co-pilot or work the guns and the experience is said to be so realistic, how you do on the Ride decides your experience in the Park. Fly well and you’ll be complimented. Do bad and the Bounty Hunters will literally come for you. Never tell me the odds, dammit.


See, the entire experience will throw you right into the Story. Every choice you make on the Rides, building Droids and Lightasabers and so on will define who you are while you’re there. It’s going to be the biggest Theme Park experience of all time, so don’t be afraid to let your inner-kid, or Wookiee, out. Let go, enjoy it, be part of the Star wars Universe. I know I will….

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