Sometimes you have to wonder about the people who were beheaded because they stood up for what they believed in. You also might want to think about how little far we’ve come since we stopped doing that kind of thing. America, no, the World is one bad day away from a point of no return. Violence is up, pain and suffering is more contagious than ever and who can save us but those who cheat at golf, erasing their true scores and putting in phony ones? There goes the neighborhood.


The one in charge is a poor man’s Lex Luthor. He doesn’t have a Superman to fight, so he goes after people of other races, religions, cultures and Countries. Those who love him and support his and others’ decision to lock people in cages as if they were animals are like the human villains in X-Men Comic Books. They are a disgusting breed of ring worms who barely peek out to see the real World or the people somehow living in it.


Our Rain-forests are finally just about done for. It took a while, not for a lack of trying. Destroying them might end up being man kind’s greatest achievement. I was always a fan of Space Travel, myself. Harrison Ford, one of the greatest Actors in Cinematic History, makes a statement and everyone criticizes him, saying he’s just an Actor. “Hollywood should stay out of politics,” they say. Well if no one will listen to us, the average Citizen, then maybe they’ll listen to the Stars who try to use their power for good. Of course there are dirt bags among them, as well, but it’s the ones trying to do what’s right that might be able to help us accomplish something in maybe our Children’s lifetime.

A firefighter from ABAFA Amazonia operation puts out a fire in a forest in the city of Uniao do Sul, in Mato Grosso

Children make their feelings on the World they’re inheriting known and suddenly they’re monsters. Attacking a sixteen year old for fighting for our future is pretty damn low in this time of mighty lows. Meanwhile there are kids going to School, causing problems, fighting, stealing, attacking and shooting each other, but then it’s the Teachers who are blamed. Parents can’t believe that their Kids could possibly be at fault for their bad grades or behavior so it must be the fault of the Teachers or the Schools. The ones doing good are punished, while the ones doing bad are being rewarded with false faith. The World has too many car salesmen and old racist Wizards blaming and making fun of victims like Elizabeth Smart and survivors of mass shootings.


We have a blaming problem. We destroy one person while another receives praise, which isn’t equal. We let social media be our conscious and we take things that have nothing to do with us too personally. Meanwhile the things that matter to us all go almost ignored. Why bother raiding Area 51 while there are Children literally imprisoned in American Concentration Camps? Our Earth is falling apart on top of us and we’ve got our fingers on the trigger. Now’s the time for the people to step forward and ask, “Who’s ready to be heroes?” When I was a Kid, we were promised a better and brighter future. And dammit, we want that future back.


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