The day is fast approaching. Minds have been made up and there’s no turning back now. We’re in a mess and we’re about to find out if there’s “six more months of Winter” or if Spring is finally upon us. It hasn’t been an easy road and the forks make the journey even more uncomfortable. I usually like a good adventure, but this one sucks. I’ve tried to keep my writing and Comedy separate from the political climate we currently find ourselves in. But it has gotten impossible. I usually come here to write about fun topics but the truth is that those topics have been taken hostage by these people and I can no longer just stand by. “Standing by” was their orders, not mine. Who do they think they are? Or rather, how do you see them?

There is much hypocrisy over the matters we are facing. Men and women have been murdered and for what? The color of their skin? And when we went out to protest, we were called anarchists and anti-American. They said we looted and rioted. They said we attacked the police. Oh the irony we’ve seen considering earlier this year, they themselves marched into Government buildings.

Armed and ready, they screamed into the faces of the police and for a very brief time, “blue lives” didn’t matter. I’ve said and written this a hundred times now. But dammit, just look at the evidence. These same people who needed businesses to open so badly are running caravans down our streets, telling us to “back the blue” and to “vote Trump.” They wave their flags. Not the American flag, mind you. Flags with one man’s name on them. The term cult has been used. Nazi’s. Fascists. No matter what, their goal has become intimidation. We are meant to be afraid of them. That is what this is all about.

It gets worst.

Kyle Rittenhouse is not a super hero. He is an underage youth with a history of violence whose parents drove him over state lines carrying a weapon and he ended up a murderer. But he has not been seen as someone who did wrong by these people. He is seen as a hero. They raised so much money for him. They made awful art using Superheroes as if he is their better.

Does this look like a Superhero?

How about this one?

This is an unhealthy reaction to a terrible crime and it is a dangerous place for us to go. I wish I could say that’s as far as the madness reaches. But it’s not. And when celebrities that we love come out and say something about these things, why do we feel the need to shun them? Why can’t they say their peace? Especially when some of them have played the fictional Heroes and in turn have become public figures for Children and fans everywhere. As a Stand-Up Comedian, I have to wonder do I bother trying to become famous or should I stay almost famous and keep my opinion?

Fictional Marvel character Frank Castle was a Vietnam Veteran. He saw and did some terrible things. But it didn’t destroy him. He became a husband and father. He was a cop. He did his job well. Life was good. Then one day his family was murdered. He became the Punisher. He gunned down criminals and painted the streets with their blood. It’s strange to think that a character with such a dark history made his first appearance in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man.

And dark is a kind word for the history of the Punisher. He’s also taken down corrupt cops and politicians. So why the hell are they wearing his skull emblem on their shirts?

Why is it on their cars?

What a joke! Do they not see it? The Punisher is not about the justice system. He is about street justice. He is about revenge. They’re carrying and flaunting the symbol of a fictional murderer and criminal. No matter how good the original intent of the character, it is not what they are supposed to be about. Seeing Punisher and Trump stickers on the same car is sadly confusing and truly frightening. They sometimes carry the Batman symbol, as well. I guess they missed the part where he too took down corrupt police, though without murdering them as the Punisher did.

As for Donald Trump, he is a villain. That’s all. He is not a super hero leading us into the light. He is not even someone most of us consider to be a strong and mighty man. He has been portrayed on flags as Captain America, Superman, soldiers, etc…

Seriously, who keeps making these?

I added the Hitler mustache on that one. But the one of him as Rambo is the most obscene.

Have they even seen this guy? They have taken a Vietnam draft dodger and put his head on the body of a fictional Vietnam Veteran who has suffered terrible PTSD and had an almost worst time since returning to America. Trump has been reported as calling Veterans losers and suckers. Do they not see how insulting this is?

If anything, Trump is Lex Luthor. Lex had similar hair before becoming bald. He was rich, didn’t earn his success, could never make his father happy, hated immigration in an extreme manner considering he was against Superman, an alien, and he eventually became President. The only difference between the two, besides Lex Luthor being fictional, is that he is also a genius. Trump…. Ehh. It’s not looking so good.

We look to Super Heroes for hope. Do these people really give you hope?

I and many others are seeing terror and fear mongering. If that doesn’t sound like the work of villains, I don’t know what does. In this world, it seems impossible to become a Superhero. But it seems pretty easy to become a villain. Just look at the politicians and their henchmen pushing for hate. Then who can forget Utah’s “Bow And Arrow Guy?”

I wish I could forget that one, but my Wife and I were there! Maybe we can’t be Super Heroes, but we can sure try.

I grew up loving George Carlin. He is probably still the smartest Comedian to ever live. I loved his bit about not voting. I too felt that it was pointless. But this year, I considered that maybe I was wrong. It’s too dangerous to be wrong at a time like this. So I registered and voted Biden. It won’t solve all of our problems, but I feel it’s a step in the right direction. And I can’t tell you who to vote for. That’s up to you. I just ask you to look at these people. Then look at yourself. Are they anything like the Super Heroes of fiction or real life Heroes that you’ve grown up admiring? And now look at me getting political. But I can’t do nothing while the villains work the skies and the monsters roam the streets. It’s up to us.

“They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you… my only son.”

Who doesn’t that sound like?

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  1. The reason idiots use The Punisher and/or Batman, Superman, Captain America etc for Trump memes is because they’ve never read them, nor do they understand the message these characters, (including those like Rambo) represent.

    IMO they’re just perverting an image, a symbol they know looks ‘cool’ and can be twisted to their own ends. (Are you familiar with Garth Ennis’ The Boys?)

    Sadly, our society had already embraced style over substance, ignorance over knowledge. Which is why the timing has never been better for villains to rape and pillage. I too voted, but until we can encourage the masses to embrace education, see and act on informed opinions, I fear our society is doomed as doomed can be.

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