Spider-Man Homecoming Spoilers (Plot Leak)

marvel spiderman homecoming logo

Thanks to the shady corners of the internet that we call 4chan and Reddit, there have been some leaks relating to the story of the upcoming Spider-man film subtitled “Homecoming.” Spider-man isn’t the first film to have major leaks and while typical corporate leaks can range from casting choices to prototype footage, a la Deadpool, it’s not very often that the entirety of  a movies’ plot is leaked on purpose. Spoilers after the jump

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Overwatch Beta Impressions


Blizzard has been doing several beta sessions for its new team based shooter Overwatch, but this last week it launched its final beta. This was an open beta, meaning anyone with a PC, Playstation4 and Xbox1 could join at no cost and this attracted over 9 million players to try out the game and most impressions have been good.

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Batman v Superman Spoiler Free Review

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is another misstep in DC’s attempt to compete with Marvel’s cinematic universe, but while the first half of the film falls flat, the titular fight saves the whole event from being a total bore.

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