Pop Cultures Greatest Vehicles – Mad Max Style

Scott Park took some of the most iconic vehicles of film and television and gave them a Mad Max makeover. What’s cooler that seeing the Krystal Ship or the A-Team van¬†transformed for survival in the post-apocalypse? Seeing the Bluth stair car outfitted with machine guns, and the Pizza Planet truck equipped with a harpoon gun.

Which one would you take down Fury Road and straight to Valhalla? See the full project at Scott Park’s Tumblr page¬†or his website.


Can of Silly String Meets Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press  Silly String - YouTube - Google Chrome_2016-06-02_14-32-00

The Press Tube channel on YouTube is always entertaining, but they may have reached their pinnacle today with this 1:09 video of a hydraulic press crushing a can of Silly String. Click on the video below and enjoy!