“The Order” – a reunion project


Ladies and Gentlemen,

How are we today? Good? Hopefully so. I bring you interesting news from the Power Ranger fandom, it looks like we are getting a reunion of sorts… I need to really emphasize the “of sorts” parts here, because at a best we have a SyFy special and at worst we have a pipe-dream. “The Order” appears to be the brain child of Karan Ashley (MMPR Yellow Ranger) and David Fielding (Zordon). For those of you not in the know, the cast members of the Power Ranger series ( 20+ seasons worth) are quite popular on the convention circuit and there has been an out cry for a reunion series with the actors from across the seasons. Most recently when the climax of “Super Megaforce” turned out to be such a letdown.

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Rogue One Trailer Breakdown


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been quietly flying under the radar, avoiding attention while everyone pays attention to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s fitting for a movie about a small group of spies trying to steal the plans of a new secret weapon that threatens to destroy them. The first trailer landed today, and it announced itself in grand fashion with another strong, female lead, incredible imagery that looks straight from the original trilogy, and Forest Whitaker looking all shades of awesome. Let’s break this down: Continue reading

Tracy Mangum- FanX Panelist



Good morning Geeks!

It’s finally here – Salt Lake Comic Con FanX starts today and runs through Saturday night. Tens of thousands of us will be gathering at the Salt Palace Convention Center to listen to Hollywood stars, voice actors, artists, cosplayers, and share our assorted loves of geekdom. Continue reading