Latest Photos From The Set Of THE DARK TOWER Confirm A Major Fan Theory And SPOILER

Dark Tower 1

More photos from the set of The Dark Tower have surfaced, and as well giving us a new look at Roland and Jake, they confirm MAJOR SPOILERS revealing that this is far from a direct adaptation…
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Stephen King Hints at Major Dark Tower Change (Spoiler)

the-dark-tower-movie-700x300.jpgFilming on The Dark Tower has been underway for a few weeks, and I am struggling between extreme excitement that one of my favorite stories will be on the big screen, and dread that director Nikolaj Arcel’s film will deviate too much from the source material. It’s a fantasy/horror/Science Fiction series that is rich and vibrant and almost impossible to put a faithful version on screen. But what if this isn’t an adaption at all?

Move ahead carefully faithful reader, there be potential spoilers ahead.
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